Program Mission and Objectives

  • Leverage the recognition of the Achiever program to recruit initially 20 students to the program.
  • Establish a STEM program by spring 2014 that will consist of a sustainable nine month program that will continues on an annual basis
  • Operate a STEM program within the Chapter's limited resources, by leveraging/building partnerships with other organizations.
  • LinkstoSTEM program is directed to students in grades 4 thru 8, with the goal of impacting the pipeline of high school students.
  • Provide a gender balanced program that benefits young women who are particularly under-represented in these fields.
  • Educate African American parents about the opportunities for their families/children to pursue careers in STEM.

About Links To STEM Program

In support of the national and regional Links' programs for Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) initiatives, the San Diego Chapter of has launched Links to STEM, their addition newest addition to their prominent Services to Youth programs, to address the significant under representation of African American students pursuing a STEM related college degrees. This initiative will leverage existing programs/organizations' expertise. Initial funding has been provided by San Diego Links Inc., subsequent funding sought from sponsors.

Why Links to STEM Program is Important. By the Numbers:

  • Women represent 50% of the US population, 49% of the workforce but only 24% of the scientists and engineers.
  • The starting salary for those in technology careers is $10-20,000 more than other fields.
  • Only 4.5% of African-Americans obtained engineering degrees in 2010.
  • According to US News the top 15 jobs in the US are in the fields of science and Technology.
  • According to The National Science Foundation, only 9.9% of master's degrees in STEM fields were awarded to Blacks as compared to 63.2% of Whites.

Links to STEM Program Outline

San Diego Chapter of Links Incorporated initial program of a 9 month program that organized into three phases to:

Phase I: Summer Camp at Elementary Institute of Science

  • Selected students will attend summer camp at EIS and enjoy 4 labs per day, Monday -Thursday
  • Students participate in presentations and activities led by science professionals, engineers, researchers, architects, food chemists, and other specialists In addition, an educational field trip is scheduled on Friday of each week.
  • Instructors for this program are juniors, seniors, or graduate students at local universities, majoring in the subject that they teach at EIS. In the labs, kids use every day materials as well as industry equipment to explore a particular science field.
  • The summer science program runs for nine weeks from mid-June to mid-August.
Objective: The goal for this phase of the program is for students who participate in this first summer program to become a cohort class that continue to advance in their experiences and exposure to science and technology.  

Phase II and III: First Robotics Enrichment Program and Competition

The next planned phases included the following:
  • Students will be organized into two or more teams based upon grade levels to support two Robotics teams; FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech Challenge.
  • Teams will be supported by mentor/coaches from San Diego State University College of Engineering and Computer Science Department.
  • Under the support and guidance of their mentors/coaches team will learn and gain proficiency with working FIRST Robotics materials and robotics kits.
  • Teams will partner FIRST Robotics teams from Francis Parker Provide students in the FIRST Tech Challenge team with the opportunity and support needed to field a team to participate in local and regional competitions.
  • This phase of the program runs from September thru April, with a culminating event the first Saturday of May.
  • The expectation is the teams will meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturday’s of each month.
Objective:  The goal for this phase of the program is for the study to learn to work together to  gain understanding and confidence with developing strategy and building robots based on sound engineering principles.


Applications for the 2017-2018 program year are now open. Please download and mail the completed application to:

Links Inc. San Diego Chapter
Vickie Turner
550 West “C” Street, Suite 1050
San Diego, CA 92101